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"There has been nothing other then expressions of affirmation and gratitude from families whose children have participated in this program. As educators we know that learning is not complete until there is a change in behavior of the learner. For most of what we do as teachers and administrators, the change in behavior is usually long term, on the order of years in many cases. For this program, the change takes place in weeks, practically instantly. Parents have seen their student's table manners and overall courtesy increase and rub off on their siblings. While not directly incorporating a biblical worldview, this course encourages children to honor others, particularly adults as well as themselves and their peers. If you teach a little by what you say, more by what you do and most of all by who you are, you will be very pleased with this program. Debbie Parsons teaches with words, actions and her character. What you as a school leader may have about this program are hesitations. What I can promise you will not have are regrets. I endorse this program without reservation for the teacher, the content and the outcomes." -- Ken VanMeter, Superintendent - Milpitas Christian School

From Parents

"I think that this class is just what every child needs! My daughter truly enjoyed every minute! I'm very pleased with the results. THANK YOU!"

"Imagine that your child is one of the few who knows exactly what to do in a social situation - well behaved, with proper manners and speech. Good manners help a child build confidence in their social skills. These skills will be needed all through life. Give your child the gift of good manners. It will serve them well for a lifetime!"

"Good manners help a child build confidence in their social skills. These skills will be needed all through life"

"Give your child the gift of good manners. It will serve them well for a lifetime!"

"I enjoyed having my daughter return from class - more refined. Other parents have already commented on her good manners. We enjoyed her sharing what she learned each week in class.

One of the great joys, as a parent, is to have a complete stranger come up and compliment you on how respectful and courteous your child is."

"Not only did I love this class for my two boys, but they loved it, too! If you are even thinking about sending your child(ren) through the "Youth Culture Program", my advice is: "GO FOR IT"!"

"This class is worth every penny! I am a stickler for manners and you should consider this class an investment in your child's future. My son enjoyed attending and we will be signing our daughter up to take the class, soon! Thanks, Mrs. Parsons!"

"Both of my children loved going to Etiquette Class!"

My children were excited to attend etiquette class each week. They are using what they learned and wanted to know the 'correct way' to dine. It was interesting for them to learn things that we (as parents) did not even know.

My sons were excited to go to etiquette class each week. Every Friday moring, they'd say, 'Etiquette Class Today!'"

From Students

"At first, I just came to the classes because my mom made me. After the first week, I looked forward to every class. I was actually sad when I didn't have any more classes!"

"This class is fun, I learned a lot and the food is really good!"

"The first week of class, Mrs. Parsons showed us all the silverware we would use in a 5-course dinner. I was really scared! Then after 3 weeks of class, I was ready (and confident) for the dinner. The fancy dinner ROCKS!"

"I looked forward to what the table would look like each week. Mrs.Parsons does a cool job decorating the table and her outfit usually matches the theme for the week. The food was good and I made some new friends. It was a really fun class and I'm looking forward to taking the next class."

"Mrs. Parsons says the food is her secret weapon and she is right! But, while I was eating the food, I was learning, too. It was really fun!"

From Adult Students

"Despite my initial reservation in taking an adult etiquette class, I was pleasantly surprised and even excited about the news things I learned and old techniques I had forgotten"

"I liked many things about the class. There was no feeling of pretentious elitism. In fact, I felt that I "should" be doing the simple things presented in the class. I also enjoyed the humor made of some of our "indiscretions"; i.e. cell phone/texting during dinner. I left the class knowing that I would forget half of what I learned. I was very happy to find a summary of the class in the packets we took home."

"I wished the class was longer"

"It has been said, "good manner can open doors that the best education cannot". After an evening with The Parsons School of Etiquette, I feel like I have an Ivy League education in manners. I feel more comfortable at cocktail parties, the dinner table and spending time with my mother in law."

"One evening with The Parsons School of Etiquette has managed to reform years of well practiced fast food dining behavior"



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